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Have a joyful experience while learning about wine

Have a joyful experience while learning about wine

Need a “Wine 101” lesson? Want to know HOW to order wine and what to ask for? Indiana Originals’ Mel McMahon introduces us to Kathi Meyer, Chief Joyologist & Certified Specialist of Wine, Wine, Love & Joy!

About Wine, Love & Joy:
Kathi Meyer, Chief Joyologist at Wine, Love & Joy is passionate about wine. She loves helping others find their passion for wine, too. Not sure where to start? Kathi will help you find a way! 

Wine, Love & Joy started in 2014 with the purpose of helping others who were new to wine (or just wanted to learn more) feel more comfortable in social situations where wine is involved. Kathi recalls being on a business trip with co-workers at a nice restaurant and feeling terribly uncomfortable when presented with the wine list. Thoughts running through her mind included “What was I supposed to drink? What if I didn’t like it but had to drink it anyway? What if I made the wrong choice and my co-workers thought I was incompetent? And what in the world do some of those names me anyway???”
Kathi offers wine education classes and personal consulting to help you learn about wine in a fun and judgment-free zone. She also offers wine tastings, speaking for groups and organizations, fundraisers, and personalized wine gifts for businesses and individuals. Learn more at

Have a joyful experience while learning about wine

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