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Are you a trendsetter? With one of these Homecoming looks from RaeLynn’s Boutique in Greenwood, you might just be this year! General Manager Steph Wolfred shows us a few looks that are sure to turn a few heads:Model 1: Paige

Paige is wearing a trendy, champagne/nude dress that features AB stone row bead work. This is a 2 piece which is a huge trend for homecoming and you will see it again for Prom 2017. The designer of this dress is Blush. This dress is for someone who really wants to make a statement at homecoming.Model 2: Baileigh

Baileigh is wearing a floral two piece by Angela and Alison. It features a textured floral skirt and a long sleeve lace top. Again, very trendy and we love the floral trend. You’re going to see it for homecoming and also prom. This top also features an adorable heart back.Model 3: Lauren

Lauren is wearing a very traditional homecoming style. You always have to have your bread and butter pieces and this one is so classy. It’s a Mori Lee style and it features thicker straps with tonal bead work on the top. This is also perfect for a cocktail event or semi-formal event.

Finally, we wanted to talk about the dresses both of us are wearing. These are from our boutique clothing collection so these dresses are $55 and under. We have a great selection of more semi formal dresses that work well for cocktail events, sorority formals, semi formal weddings and so forth.

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