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Hot Toys at this year’s Toy Fair

Hot Toys at this year’s Toy Fair

From toys that promote sustainability and encourage kids to ‘unplug and play’ to the newest play gadgets, STEAM/tech-toys and card games will be all a buzz in New York City with the best new toys for 2020!

On-air Lifestyle Expert Katy Mann show us some of the hottest picks, latest trends and the “IT” toy for the upcoming 2020 holiday season. Here’s more:

Toy Fair, which is held at the Javits Center in NYC, is the largest toy trade show in the western hemisphere. It brings together close to 1,100 exhibiting manufacturers, distributors, importers, and sales agents to showcase hundreds of thousands of toy and youth entertainment products to retail outlets from more than 100 countries. The show certainly sets the tone for the upcoming 2020 holiday season, and in addition to launching new toys, new toy trends are set.

TREND: Green + Sustainable Toys
Toy manufacturers will be more focused in the coming years towards expanding their market for the environmentally conscious consumer. With the rise in awareness among parents and the same being taught at schools, it has been noticed that most children are shifting to sustainable choices and that includes toys. Below are several companies that are leading the charge in sustainability while providing quality product that is safe and fun for our children.
Ecokins from Wild Republic
● Ecokins is a new line of sustainable plush animals made using 100% recycled fill and fabric from Wild Republic.
● Everything from the biodegradable poly bag packing down to the soy ink printed hang tag; Ecokins uses nothing but recycled and eco-conscious materials in its overall development.
● The new line includes an assortment of animals in two sizes – 12 in. and 8 in.
TREND: Card Games for Adults. Adults like to have fun too

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● This is a fun, provocative and simple card game that asks questions that will get you out of your comfort zone
● Allows for engaging and even outrageous conversation.
● Get to know family, friends and acquaintances on a deeper and more intimate level. You might even discover some things about yourself!
● Featuring 500 thought-provoking questions in five categories, you’ll never have to worry about the conversation running dry.
● ASK ME ANYTHING is the perfect game for your next party, tailgate, or just a night in with friends. MSRP: $29.99

TREND: Scientific/educational toys and construction toys
Magformers Stick-O Basic 30Pc Set
● The Stick-O Basic 30 Piece Construction set is great for toddlers to explore tactile learning and hands on magnetic play.
● Each Stick-O piece uses magnets that rotate so your creations always stick together, making for a frustration free play experience.
● Discover the joy of play time with rainbow colored magnetic shapes including, 6 Spheres, 8 Sticks, 2 Long Sticks, 4 Curve Sticks, 2 Oval Sticks, 2 Half Sphere, 2 Cone, 2 Disc and 2 Flat Oval.
● Stick-O is fun and safe and teach toddlers STEM education principles.
● All Stick-O sets are compatible with each other.
● From the makers or Magformers.
● Ages 18M+ MSRP: $39.99.

Creative and reusable compounds such as sand, dough, putty, and slime are now widely being used to allow children to familiarize themselves with different textures, designs and styles of construction.
3D Goosh
▪ The new 3D Goosh by Compound Kings will bring your slime to new dimensions like never before! The three-pound bucket of slime will pop and burst right before your eyes!
▪ comes with a pair of REAL 3D GLASSES and fun pom pom mix ins! 3D Goosh is available in red & blue and green & magenta.
▪ Adds a fun new twist to traditional sliming!
▪ MSRP $14.99/4+
▪ Available at Walmart and Target

Yoee Baby
● Inspired by caressing a baby with a feather Yoee Baby is an award-winning baby toy that makes it fun and easy to play, connect and bond from Day One.
● Use the soft, feather-like tail to stimulate baby’s senses, comfort, caress or tickle and make baby giggle, smile and coo. Each Yoee includes a rattle, crinkle paper, silicone teether, and adorable character designed with super soft fabrics and high contrast colors – everything babies love in those early months.
● At a time when babies can’t sit up, grab for things or move around, Yoee Baby is the perfect all-in-one toy for playing together. (Video)
● MSRP is $24.99
● Yoee’s are available at over 350 specialty toy stores across the country, on Amazon, and our own store.