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How (and why) to get your cat to the vet

How (and why) to get your cat to the vet

Did you know about half of all owned cats have not seen their veterinarian within the last 12 months?

Thomas F. Dock, Director of Organizational Development and Practice Manager at Noah’s Animal Hospitals, explains how important it is to get your cat regularly checked up with your veterinarian. 

How (and why) to get your cat to the vet

Many owners find taking their kitty to the veterinarian problematic. They may have difficulty getting the cat into the carrier or handling the stress of the visit. Some think, “my cat looks healthy!” However, cats are experts at hiding their illnesses. As a prey animal, they are instinctively driven to keep sickness and injury hidden to avoid predation.Despite urban legend, even indoor cats are susceptible to intestinal parasites, fleas and heartworms. Mosquitoes (heartworm vector) can get in the house, and it only takes one infected mosquito to deliver this parasite. Fleas can come in on other animals and lay eggs in the environment. Intestinal parasites and their larva can travel indoors via shoes, potting soil or even mice!

Kidney disease, diabetes, obesity, dental disease and hyperthyroidism are just some of the issues that your veterinarian can help prevent or control with routine examinations.

Get your cat used to his or her carrier by keeping it out and open in the house.

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Also, you can ask your veterinarian about housecalls, or find a housecall veterinarian to limit stress of going to the practice. Cat-only practices and feline-friendly practices do exist as well! 

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