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How families are paying for college in the new economy

When educator turned hip-hop artist Dee-1 finished paying off his student loans, he celebrated by writing the hit song, “Sallie Mae Back.” Now, the lyrical master of financial literacy is teaming up with Sallie Mae to help students get on the right track to paying back their student loans. With recent graduates making their first student loan payments, this is the ideal time to officially release the “Pay Off Your Student Loans Playlist,” a set of tips, tools, and resources from Dee-1 and Sallie Mae.DEE-1’S ‘PLAYLIST’ FOR PAYING BACK STUDENT LOANS:

ü  PERCENTAGES-What portion of the college bill is funded by scholarships, grants, savings and loans

ü  COSTS OF COLLEGE-How the cost of education has changed since the recession and how families have changed their decision making

ü  PRACTICAL TIPS-How families can afford to pay tuition without breaking the bank

 Dee-1 graduated from Louisiana State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. After graduating, he taught middle school in Baton Rouge before pursuing his musical dream and signing with RCA Inspiration records. After inking the deal, Dee-1 took part of his advance and paid off his student loans, which inspired him to write “Sallie Mae Back.”    With “Sallie Mae Back,” Dee-1 brought a new lyrical twist to the hip hop world: the promotion of financial responsibility.

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