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How to Choose the Perfect Winter Coat for your Holiday Events

So you have all of your holiday attire ready for the events on your calendar, with many of those events being outside this year staying warm and stylish can be quite a task. How on earth will you be able to stay warm without ruining the overall look of your ensemble? You want to make an entrance, and be able to greet loved ones in confidence, but how do you know which style to pick?

Image Consultant Brandie Price shares some helpful tips:

General Coat Fitting – Focus on Torso Length

Coat lengths are really the best place to start, because we want to make sure that the overall visual impact makes sense. Coat lengths are best determined by your own personal torso.
If you have a shorter torso, rely on a shorter coat.
A longer torso can be best flattered by a longer coat.
If you are unsure how your torso measures up, consider these two points:

  1. How do you like your jeans to fit? If you prefer a high rise jean, chances are you have a longer torso. The preference for a mid rise jean means that you have an average torso so choosing a hit length jacket will best suit your figure.

2.Do standard one piece swimsuits fit you well, or do you opt for two pice swimwear because you have a hard time finding a one piece? If you have a hard time, chances are that you have a longer torso, because most swim companies do not invest in keeping a long torso inventory.

Size – Try Before You Commit

You may not wear the same size in a winter coat as you do in tops. Make sure that you have a little space for your clothing to fit under it, while having your arms crossed in front of you. Having enough room in the shoulder of the coat will help you to be more comfortable on the ride over to your event, and enough space to allow warm air to circulate around your body. You may need to size up one, or even two sizes from your standard dress size.

Appropriate Coats by Event-

For casual events like ice skating, holiday shopping with your girlfriends, or catching up for a peppermint mocha, your cold weather bestie can still be found in the warm embrace of a parka.

For formal events like the office Christmas Party, Candlelight Service, and more formal Family Gatherings a wool or acrylic blend dress coat will do the trick.

For a more festive event, like attending the Nutcracker, choose a fun, cozy opera style coat.

Stay warm and stylish this holiday season!

Brandie Price is an On-Camera Image Expert and Award-Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist you can follow her at