How to correctly landscape around a home air conditioning unit

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Most people do not want their air conditioner to be the focal point of their home.  Landscaping around the a/c is a great way to hide it!  However, landscaping can also be detrimental to the function of the a/c.  

Renee Lucas, Owner, LCS Heating & Cooling, shares some of the best practices when landscaping around your air conditioner:
•    Planting bushes around the a/c is generally a good choice!  However, overgrown bushes that are leaning into the a/c can restrict air flow.  
•    Bushes can still be large and don’t have to be perfectly formed, but they do need to be trimmed back so nothing is leaning against the a/c. 
•    Bushes that can be shaped and formed are a great choice.  They are not generally fast growers so will likely need trimmed only once a year.  They can be close to the a/c as long as nothing is touching. You want space all around so the air conditioner can breathe. 

How to correctly landscape around a home air conditioning unit

•    Choosing plants that are of similar color to the a/c is a great way to camouflage, as brightly colored flowers draw attention.  However, you still want to be sure plants are cut back, so they aren’t growing into or on top of the a/c.  
•    Get rid of ivy!  It can actually make its way inside the a/c.
•    If you do prefer flowers, choose flowering bushes that can be trimmed or flowers that stay somewhat compact.  It’s always a good idea to plant around the a/c, not directly in front of it. 
•    One last reminder- we get a lot of storms in Indiana so check your a/c after big storms to ensure nothing has fallen on it!

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