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How to create a VISION BOARD for 2021 and include the ENTIRE family

Create hope… create goals in 2021 with a New Year’s Resolution mom, dad and the kiddos can be a part of! Afterall, they have hopes and dreams, too!

Melissa Jones, Founder, Girls Positivity Club, shows us how a VISION BOARD can make all the difference– how it works and what action steps to take every day to achieve resolutions.

Here’s more:

According to a recent national survey, 188.9 million Americans make a New Year’s Resolution and 2021 is an exceptionally popular time to create change. 92% of Gen Z, 89% Millennials, and 79% Gen X all reported in this survey that they will make a resolution in 2021. Therefore, the segment idea I have is to show your viewers who are parents a hands-on creative DIY for creating a 2021 Vision Board as a family resolution activity. Doing a family activity around resolutions is a great connection point and a fun activity for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day.
Why involve children in resolutions? Kids have hopes and dreams for the upcoming year and we all need something to look forward to and strive for in creating change in 2021. Nothing makes parents (Millenials and Gen X) happier than to see their kids taking ownership and setting goals for self-improvement and health, which are the top reasons people set resolutions.

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