Indy Style

How to deal with a high-energy dog

Do you have a high-energy dog? Well, here are the tips you need from Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer.

1. All Energy is not Created Equal

  • Breed and energy aren’t always related
  • Distinguish between mental and physical energy
  • Distinguish between high energy and uncontrolled energy

2. How Dogs Handle High Energy 

  • Dominant dogs regulate high energy
  • High energy dogs often enjoy playing 
  • Together, but need to be refereed
  • Dogs can become frantic or aggressive if high energy becomes uncontrolled

How You Should Handle a High Energy Dog

  • Create focus through assertiveness
  • Drain mental energy with rules and 
  • Focused activities
  • Drain physical energy with free play (fenced yard, daycare, play dates), jogging, biking, swimming, model the energy you want!

Below is information on Luna if you’re interested in adopting her.


2 year old German Shepherd (housed at Greenfield-Hancock Animal Management)


Luna has been back and forth at the shelter a couple of times due to separation anxiety and chewing things, etc. She is great in her kennel and is very housebroken. She doesn’t know a stranger and is just super sweet! She still needs to be spayed, but that will be getting done next week. She likes other dogs and she also likes children. When she was picked up as a stray, she had actually gotten on the school bus and made friends with all the kids.

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