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How to get farm fresh produce delivered to your door

How to get farm fresh produce delivered to your door

Get fresh, local produce delivered straight to your door with a business that has more than 250 years of generational farm experience. 

Mel McMahon, Indiana Originals, introduces us to today’s featured member and Freedom Foods Owner, Ryan Schleman.

How to get farm fresh produce delivered to your door

About Freedom Foods: 
Freedom Foods is a family-owned and operated farm in Wolcott, Indiana (about 20 miles north of Lafayette). They have a passion for gardening and growing delicious, high-quality produce. Husband and wife team Ryan and Kim started independently farming in 2011 while still doing their part on the family farm. They have been blessed to see so much growth in their natural farm, they began thinking of how they could expand their work to serve their community.

Ryan and Kim constructed greenhouses and use specific gardening techniques to provide fresh, naturally-grown produce year-round for families in Central Indiana. Finding natural produce at your local grocery store can be costly and inconvenient. That’s why Freedom Foods offers direct delivery from their farm each week. They believe that food grown in chemical and lacking in nutrition is just plain wrong. You can be assured that the food delivered to your door from Freedom Farms is fresh, natural, and packed with nutrients. 

How it works:
•    Visit
•    Find the food basket that’s best for your family
•    Order your basket and have it delivered to your door
•    Enjoy fresh, natural produce
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About Indiana Originals:
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