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How to get your financial house in order

Scott Jarred, CEO and founder of Jarred Bunch Consulting knows there’s a right way to get your “financial house” in order. He introduces us to the Living Balance Sheet.

We have a balance sheet where we pull information down and then you try to optimize it. What you are trying to do instead of focusing on the future, why not focus on the future but focus on being optimally balanced today.”

Scott’s tips to help you financially:

• Organization is key to financial balance, which is key to financial success

• We need a tool that provides real-time feedback of our current financial position, keeping us optimized for balance

• Value in the form of diagnosing problem areas

• Protection first VS. Future first

• Financial landscapes should be aimed at balance, not targets

Jarred Bunch Consulting has been around for 12 years, with offices in Indy and Tampa, and clients nationwide. Jarred has earned the Five Star Award, been on the editorial advisory board for Doctor’s Life Magazine, and has upcoming features in Fortune, Money, Bloomberg magazines.

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