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How to get your reactive dog under control

Dogs quite easily become possessive, which is one of the biggest reasons they react to certain people, sound, objects, food and more. Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined us today to explain how you can take control of these situations and get your dog to stay calm.

1.  The Message: “This is Mine!”

     – Dog is “claiming” something

     – Possessiveness and reactivity go hand-in-hand

     – Dogs can be possessive of people/objects/spaces

2.  The Miscommunication: “Dog is in Charge”

     – Human has allowed dog to be possessive

     – Lap sitting, leaning, foot covering are “claiming behaviors”

     – Letting a dog sleep in your bed can accelerate their “possession” of you

3.  The Method: “Take over the Scene!

     – Get between the dog and the source of reactivity

     – Step toward dog firmly to back them off

     – If dog continues barking give a quick tap and back them up more

     – Return to neutral place and monitor

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