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How to improve your mindset when it comes to change

Change is inevitable, especially during circumstances like we are currently facing. Going about things “business as usual” isn’t an option for the majority of us so we are faced with the challenge of accepting change and doing so in a healthy way. Lisa Mitchell, communications expert & founder of Power Body Language walks us through how to be more open and ready for change.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive 

Acknowledging that change is happening and that it’s necessary as early as possible let’s you plan and strategize for the best way to navigate those changes. That puts you in a proactive position where you can feel more involved and in control instead of being surprised or feeling acted upon by your circumstances. 

Feeling like change is being forced on you or facing unexpected changes can cause stress and anxiety and can make the experience feel more overwhelming. By acknowledging the impending change, even if you don’t know every detail of what is to come, can help you feel better prepared for what comes next. 

Strengthen Your Positive Habits 

When you are faced with change, it’s easy to get out of your normal rhythm and fall out of the good habits that you’ve worked hard to form. Keeping your positive habits intact when facing change can help you navigate new circumstances from a more positive mindset. 

Be intentional about sticking to your positive habits and maintaining the things that were working for you prior to facing the changes you’re navigating. Maybe it’s a morning routine that helps you feel centered and ready to face your day. Maybe it’s staying active and sticking to your weekly workout goals that help you feel more in control. Maintaining your healthy eating habits, even if your mealtime or environment has changed can help you feel optimized. You want to hold tight to those things that made you feel your best, even if they have to be done at a different time or location now. 

Highlight The Positives 

In every change you face, you will be able to find positive aspects to highlight if you are intentional about looking for them. It may sound cliche’ but taking a moment to write out the positives that accompany the change helps to shift your focus into a more positive mindset. 

Maybe a change in your job means that your commute is shorter. Maybe having kids at home for e-learning means more time to explore or exercise together as a family. Maybe having sports or events cancelled means you’ll now have more time to read those books you have piled up or that you can take an online course on a topic that excites you. 

It may be a challenge at first to get yourself in the habit of looking for the positives when faced with a change, but getting in the habit of seeking out and highlighting the upside helps shift your mindset into a positive space. 

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