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How to make friends as adults without making it awkward

How to make friends as adults without making it awkward

If you’re anything like Communications Expert Lisa Mitchell, you spend most of your time around other humans feeling a little bit awkward.

Lisa says nothing makes her break out in a sweat faster than having to interact with new people. Making friends as an adult can take feeling awkward to the next level, but it doesn’t have to.

Whether it’s meeting your kid’s teammates parents or navigating a new workplace, she says making connections can be made easier by following a few simple tips.

Making Friends Tip 1: Focus on what you have in common
People like people who remind them of themselves. The more commonality you create, the easier it is to build connections and form friendships. Maybe it’s that your kids are taking the same classes or playing the same sport. Maybe it’s that you’re both reading the same book or enjoy the same restaurant. Perhaps you went to the same college or had similar upbringings. Whatever it is that shows you’re more alike than different, spark conversation around that topic and the conversation will start to flow.

Making Friends Tip 2: Offer to help
Nothing forms friendships faster than helping someone out. Whether it’s volunteering to work on a fundraiser together, partnering up to bring team or class snacks, or finding a cause you’re both passionate about to benefit with your time or talents, offering to help someone with something they care about is a great way to form a friendship foundation.

Making Friends Tip 3: Extend an invitation
Who doesn’t like to feel wanted? When you extend an invitation to someone to be part of something, whether it’s to watch a game, join a girl’s night out, or attend a simple backyard BBQ, it helps people feel included and more connected to you for thinking of them. Even if they aren’t able to attend, the goodwill gesture of inclusion will go a long way towards forging a positive opinion of you and wanting to know more about you.

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