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How to make your produce last longer, save trips to the grocery store

In today’s changing environment, many of us are trying to limit the trips to the grocery store to keep our families safe. Sherri French, lifestyle and parenting expert, has some interesting ways to make your produce last longer.

Bananas – Wrap the stems of your banana bunch with cellophane/saran wrap. This stops ethylene from releasing and making them go bad.

Celery – Wrap them tightly in tinfoil and put in crisper to last for a month.

Tomatoes – Keep them outside of the fridge as the cold temperatures makes them lose their taste. Store them room temperature, stems up like they are still on the vine, to stop them from bruising

Potatoes – Store in a dark place like your pantry but don’t store beside onions! 

Apples – Best option for longevity.  Kids love them, affordable, good for you, easy to eat and last for weeks in the fridge.

Asparagus – Store them in your fridge like you would keep a bouquet of flowers.  Place in water in a glass.  Cover the tips with plastic.  Change the water every 2 days.

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