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How to maximize public wifi

With major summer events just around the corner, many people will once again be packed into venues. And as they try to share their experience on social media in real time – all those people will be vying for Wi-Fi. Kevin Gunkel from Comcast demonstrates some easy ways anyone – regardless of their carrier – can make the most of their connection so they don’t miss a minute of the action trying to upload a photo, share a video or tag a friend.

Tips include showing how to turn off apps that you don’t need, demonstrating how cell phone cases can block signal through a speed test (, turning on “avoid poor connections” capabilities and setting your Wi-Fi to use the 5 Ghz connection.

Things you can try:

— Separate from the crowds

— Steer clear of large obstructions (concrete walls, etc.)

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— Shut down apps you don’t need

— Don’t obstruct your antenna with the wrong case

— Use the 5Ghz connection instead of 2.4 Ghz, if it is available

Check with your local provider before you go to find out what they might provide

For more information visit their website: