How to pack an eco-friendly lunch

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Join the efforts in standing up to plastic to help the environment!

Lindsey Fella-Berry, CEO of Helping Ninjas, and Laya Berry, a 7-year-old Helping Ninja, share startling facts about how plastic impacts the environment negatively, such as: 

How to pack an eco-friendly lunch

o Plastic can be broken down into smaller pieces, but never fully goes away.
o Scientists predict by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean
o Plastic harms marine animals & endangered species, like sea turtles, & plankton –which is
both the base of our food chain and responsible for our oxygen
o 91 % of plastic is not getting recycled (plastic items that are and are not recyclable included), and its effecting our oceans. Especially, single-use plastic items, such as sandwich snack bags, plastic cutlery, condiment packages, water bottles, etc.
o 8.3 billion tons of plastic of plastic enters our oceans each year
One thing you can do at home to combat this is choosing to use plastic alternatives & eco-friendly lunch items. Try to avoid using single-use plastic items, or plastic at all if possible, using sustainable, reusable materials such as glass or stainless steel, silicone, paper or plant based products. Plastic Alternatives and eco-friendly items that are non-plastic and can be reused, recycled and/or compostable and biodegradable. These items include: 
o Stainless Steel
o Small 1.2 oz, 2 oz, and 3 oz containers – dips/condiments
o 4 oz, 5 oz, 8 oz snack/fruit/veggie containers
o Sandwich Containers – with clasp lock lid & without
o Lunch Divider container
o Stackable containers
o Hot/Cold Thermus
o Cutlery on The Go
o Water Bottle
o Toddler Silicone Sippy Cup Attachment
o Snack/Fruit Veggie Bags – reusable fabric bags, paper bags & plant based bags
o Glass
o 2.5 oz & 5 oz Snack/Fruit/Yogurt/Veggie Containers
o Sandwich Containers
o 2 Lunch Divider
o 3 Lunch Divider
o Water Bottles
o Toddler Bottles
o Straws for Smoothies
o Organic Cotton Lunch Bags
o Eco-Friendly Plastic Free Lunch Bag Kids & Adult
o Plant Based Sandwich Wraps
o Plant Based Food Wraps
o Sugar Cane Compostable/Disposable Container
o Corn Compostable Bags
o Cloth & Bamboo Fiber Napkins
o Wood & Compostable Cutlery
o Silicone Storage/Food Bags

How to pack an eco-friendly lunch

All of the eco-friendly & alternative plastic lunch items (and where to purchase them) can be found at Ninjas will shout out to individuals or businesses that are leading by example, choosing to use plastic free or eco-friendly items.

To learn more, contact, or visit: @StandUpToPlastic @HelpingNinjas @StandUp4RPlanet @LearnHelpShare

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