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How to Savor Your Mornings

When it comes to being a busy parent, sometimes, the word “routine” gets thrown out the window! Life with kids can be busy, especially in the early mornings, but author and “extraordinary mommy,” Danielle Smith, has a few pointers that are sure to start our day off right!

  1. Skip the rush: Plan your morning the night before – set out clothes, pack lunches, prepare for breakfast, etc. This allows you to avoid any kind of rush first thing.
  2. Get up when the house is still quiet: For a self-proclaimed ‘night owl’, this was an adjustment, but so worth it to have the time to myself… allows me to read an actual book, set intentions for the day or simply have the luxury of enjoying the solitude.
  3. Ditch your phone: Do not pick up your phone until your morning routine is complete – no checking email, no Facebook… nothing that could possible make you feel anxious or disturb your peace of mind.
  4. Perfect cup of coffee every time: About one-third of coffee brewers in Indianapolis find it difficult to correctly measure the amount of ground coffee to make a perfect cup of Joe – admitting it’s even harder than getting out of bed in the morning! New “Folgers Perfect Measures” takes all of the guesswork out of brewing a consistently great tasting cup of coffee every morning, just the way you like it. 100% Folgers coffee is compressed into a tab that measures out a perfect scoop of coffee every time.
  5. Keep a Gratitude Journal: Starting your day with the good in your life sets you up with a positive outlook on your day, focuses on your priorities, and allows you to be the architect of your day rather than giving into the ‘shoulds’ that cause you stress.

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