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How To Stay Connected In A “Social Distancing” Mandated world

How To Stay Connected In A “Social Distancing” Mandated world

With the current Covid-19 pandemic a very real concern for people world-wide right now, staying connected and maintaining communication is more difficult than ever. Lisa Mitchell, Communications Expert & Founder of Power Body Language, shares a few things to keep in mind to keep yourself from feeling isolated and continue to have good communication during this time:

1) Don’t Isolate Yourself From Communication
Although you may be required to stay inside and cut back or eliminate your physical connections with the outside world, it doesn’t mean that you should isolate yourself from communicating with those you gain benefit from being connected to. It’s easy to want to hide yourself away, but isolation, especially during times of high anxiety and uncertainty can actually increase your stress response.

2) Leverage all forms of communication to stay connected
We are lucky to be living in a time where technology makes it easy to connect and communicate. With almost everyone having access to cell phones and internet service, the channels that you can use to stay connected remain open, even when social distancing doesn’t allow you to be in the same physical space. Whether it’s texting, Facetime, video calls, or social media, you have more than enough channels to connect with those you care about to continue to offer support, company, and assistance to if needed.

3) Seek out positive communication and limit what type of negativity you are putting out into the collective consciousness
Constantly consuming nothing but negative and scary news really takes a toll on you, your mood, and your health. It’s important to be informed and aware, but it’s also important to connect to positive stories, people, and material that gives you hope, makes you laugh, and gives your mind something to think about besides everything that is or could go wrong in the world.
What you consume takes root in your mind and in your mood so choose what communication you choose to give your attention to carefully. If it starts to feel too heavy or too much, it’s totally fine to take a break, reset, and clear out the noise and the fear that is being pushed on you through the various communication channels.

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