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How to write a resume during the pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (INDY STYLE) – Just the word resume tends to raise blood pressure. And here we are, all trying to navigate our careers and our income with this one thing standing in our way, a single sheet of paper. Does it really have that much power?

Lindsay Boccardo, a general consultant and millennial career coach, was on Indy Style Thursday to discuss resume writing during the pandemic.

Here are some things she suggests keeping in mind:

  • A resume doesn’t get you in the door at your favorite company. Your connections do! A resume serves to simply confirm what a hiring manager already knows. That’s all it’s there for. Spend more energy getting to know people in organizations that you want to work for. A personal connection goes a lot farther than a single sheet of paper because we are emotional and relational beings, not robots.
  • You’re an emotional being too, and writing this in your home office by yourself in isolation will not be helpful. Don’t write it alone, find someone who you can bounce back and forth with.
  • Don’t get too hung up on the format and don’t reinvent the wheel. Simply google sample resumes that match the profession you’re going after.
  • Make sure to list your accomplishments. Your job responsibilities are boring to read and don’t say a lot about your character. Share the problems you overcame, the actions you took, the results you got.
  • Write a cover letter that shares your passion and personality. WHY do you want this job? Share a story of why it matters to you. A lot of people are applying to jobs just to check the box for unemployment so hiring managers are having to sort through a lot more. Stand out with a personal and warm cover letter.
  • Know that there is an even longer lag between application and acceptance. Don’t be afraid to check in on their hiring process. If they say we’ll reach out in 2 weeks and they don’t call you by then, try to not get discouraged, this is normal right now. Kindly reach out and ask for an update on their process.
  • There is more grace than ever when it comes to a gap in employment. So many people lost their job this year. There is more grace now. Don’t sweat it.

Remember: Your resume is only PART of the application process. The people in your life want to help you succeed and connect you. Make sure you are telling your friends, family, your social media connections exactly what you are looking for. You might be surprised at who will open a door and put in a good word for you.

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