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Humidity-proof Makeup Tips: Maintaining beautiful makeup in high temperatures

When heading to an outdoor event, ladies know the struggle to keep the heat and humidity from melting their make up. Brandie Price, image consultant, has some tips to help your makeup look beautiful all day long!

1. Always prep your skin with the proper base.  Having the proper skin care regimen for your skin is imperative to having the best results, especially with humidity.  I recommend a 4 step process with a cleanser, toner, treatment product and moisturizer.  Your treatment product can be a product that retains moisture, or mattifies your skin depending on how the humidity affects you.  It can also be a brightener, like what I am using in this season to help even out my skin tone and reduce the darker spots that have slowly crept in! 

2. Ditch the heavy foundation and look for a 50spf CC Cream.  Many C creams are made to be self setting, meaning that you don’t need to follow up with a setting powder. The bonus—-less build up and a longer lasting flawless finish! These powerhouse foundations are primarily skin care with a color evening pigment, so you get the best of both worlds!

3. Opt for a tinted eye shadow primer this will give you a little bit of color without adding layers of powder.  We all know how powder starts to look when it gets “sticky.” The primer will also keep you from getting that sweaty eyelid look!

4. Steer clear of waterproof mascara- Look for “smudge proof” mascara instead.  Waterproof is really chemically compounded for being “water” proof, but sweat can eat right through it!  The chemical compound of a smudge proof mascara is actually made for its resistance to humidity.  Keep the waterproof for pool days. 

5. Look for an artist color stick to add a pop of color.  These have become quite popular for adding color to lips, eyes, and cheeks with one highlighting shade. Easy contour, on the go!   

Brandie Price is an Award Winning Celebrity Makeup Artist and Celebrity Stylist.

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