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Image consultant shows how to create 30 outfits with just 10 items of clothing

Has more time at home got you reacquainting just a little too much with all of your stuff? If you are anything like Brandie Price, image consultant, the thought of a capsule wardrobe can seem blissful until you get drawn into the rabbit hole of diagrams laid out on Pinterest. 

Putting together your own capsule wardrobe can be simple, so let’s get down to the basics. The 10/30 Capsule Wardrobe stands for 10 pieces that can make 30 different looks, or outfit combinations.  It is all about adding confident simplicity to your wardrobe experience.

You can jump into your own capsule wardrobe in two easy steps

1) Download the Getting Started with the 10/30 Wardrobe Guide here.

2) Follow the process while applying the Million Dollar Filter. Simply put, if it doesn’t make you feel like a Million Bucks, it doesn’t belong in you wardrobe. 

These 2 steps will ensure that you have all that you need for your Fall capsule wardrobe, minus all of the confusing diagrams.  Feel like a Million Bucks every single day without all of the clutter.

Brandie Price is an Award Winning Makeup Artist and On Camera Image Consultant for Television and Film

You can follow her on her website or Instagram.


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