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Indiana business seeks to reduce food waste and ends up creating a drink mix

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Today's featured member is Amazing Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix! Amazing Hazel's Bloody Mary Mix was created out of demand from the customers of Amazing Hazel's Chili Sauce. Thousands of customers kept writing and telling creator Dave VanWye what a great Bloody Mary Mix his sauce would create. He listened. And now... Here is is! Not an easy process as you might imagine--years of testing and tasting has gone into each bottle. You'll love it! This Bloody Mary Mix is Zesty, not hot, but don't be fooled - it's definitely flavorful!

About Hazel:

Hazel was born in 1898. When she was a child, her family made amazing sauces that were always a hit at local fairs and annual pig roasts. When Hazel was a child, she helped her family make Chili Sauce and sold it to make ends meet during the Great Depression. Hazel's family's sauces were a labor of love. There was no microwave, no food processor, and no grocery store to pop in to pick up a missing ingredient. Everything in the sauce was homegrown in an organic vegetable garden and homemade on a wood stove.

The recipes have been passed on from generation to generation and Dave's mother, Hazel's daughter, made the sauces every once in awhile for special occasions. After Dave's mother passed in 2011, he feared the recipes passed with her. Fortunately, some four years later when Dave was clearing out some boxes of my mother's keepsakes, he found the chili sauce recipe--and some others! 

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