Indy CD & Vinyl offers Record Store Day specials

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Get ready for the lines. Get ready for the deals! It’s almost RECORD STORE DAY… or perhaps RECORD STORE WEEKEND!

Andy Skinner, Co-Owner, Indy CD & Vinyl, tells us about this family-friendly celebration!

Indy CD & Vinyl offers Record Store Day specials

Record Store Day
Saturday & Sunday, Indy CD & Vinyl 
Record Store Day is back this April, celebrating the independent record store and the vinyl records they sell! This is the 13th Annual Record Store Day, and it will be bigger than ever at Indy CD & Vinyl in Broad Ripple, covering not one, but two days both inside and outside of the shop.

On Saturday, the focus will be on the limited vinyl record releases ONLY AVAILABLE on that day, with folks lined up and down the street waiting to get their hands on rare releases from artists as varied as Prince, David Bowie, DEVO, Green Day, and many many more! This year, Indy CD & Vinyl has put out a record on their own label and it was chosen as an offical Record Store Day title! Indianapolis band Stranger Attractor will have their release in record stores nationwide because of the shop’s efforts, and only available on Record Store Day. 

Indy CD & Vinyl offers Record Store Day specials

The party continues on Sunday with a huge outdoor concert in the shop parking lot with live music from 10:30am until 8:30 pm with bands and artists from all over the country performing. Inside the shop on Saturday will be performances from producers from Deckademics DJ school, and on Sunday inside the shop their DJ students will perform what they have learned.

There will be something for everyone, with hours of live music for children and families to kick off the Sunday concert, and artists from all genres throughout the weekend!

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