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Indy Dog Whisperer seeks home for dog whose owner died

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — This is a heartbreaking story that we hope you can help give a happy ending.

Nathan Lowe, The Indy Dog Whisperer, joined “Indy Style” on Tuesday to spread the word about a dog whose owner unexpectedly passed away from breast cancer and is now in need of a home.

This is the email he was sent regarding the matter:

“My daughter, Charlotte Lutin, died on Wednesday from breast cancer. I truly believe that Snitch was the love of her life. He has been the most loved and cared for dog since he was a little puppy. He is incredibly social and gets along well with other dogs as he has been going to Dogtopia since he was 4 months old. You’ll be happy to know that his manners have greatly improved thanks to your help. He also truly is a loving, joyful gentle giant.

“Nathan, we quickly need to rehome him with a trustworthy loving home. He currently is at Dogtopia and has been there for 10 days as we’ve walked this dark road. I’m going to try to bring him home for a few days this weekend after the funeral is over and the extended family leave. It is very important to us that we find a home that will allow 12 year old Estelle to visit Snitch occasionally, pet him, and perhaps walk alongside with his new family as they walk him. I’m sorry that I cannot keep him, but I am 65 years old woman with osteoporosis and already have an older lab with a medical condition.

“Do you have any recommendations for us? Do you know anyone that may be willing to offer this love bug a loving forever home that you can trust? Are you able to help?”

Adoption Parameters:

  • A once a month short pre-arranged visit by Estelle and Kiera (daughters of the deceased) at the convenience of the new family.  Perhaps they can play catch with him, join the new family on a short walk, etc.
  • Not an outdoor dog.  He must be a family dog that spends time with the family and never tied or chained.
  • Must have a fenced in yard.
  • A previous dog owner with 3 references including veterinary references.
  • Must be 21 or older.
  • Commitment to make Snitch a member of the family and circumstances change and you are unable to keep him he must be returned to the family. 

Please share this story online or through word of mouth to help Snitch find a home.

If you’re interested in adopting Snitch please email:

For more from Nathan visit,


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