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Indy Shorts Film Festival documentary ‘Sonnie’ showcases Indiana local’s journey to success

The Indy Shorts International Film Festival is happening this week, and on the list of Hoosier films is “Sonnie,” a documentary based on single father and weightlifting competitor Deon “Sonnie” Case. Today we heard from Sam Mirpoorian, the film’s director about how this production, which was filmed locally came to be.

More about “Sonnie”: For Deon “Sonnie” Casey, life has not gone according to plan. Raised by his grandmother after the death of his parents, Deon is now a single parent himself, determined to provide a better life for his son. Finding strength and solace in competitive weightlifting and his work at the YMCA, Deon pushes onward in hope that things will get better.

You can watch “Sonnie” online at or on the big screen at the Tibbs Drive-In on Thursday, July 23rd at 9:25pm.