Indy Style

Is your dog jealous? The Indy Dog Whisperer introduces us to Simon, Stella and Sunday Rose

What do you think? Is your dog jealous? It may not be as simple as you think. In fact– we, as pet owners, may be the more emotional ones! The Indy Dog Whisperer’s Nathan Lowe introduces us to clients Simon, Stella, and Sunday Rose– French bulldogs who belong to Jerry and Patricia Bow.

                        IS YOUR DOG JEALOUS?

            1.  Understand Canine Social Structure/Norms

             – dominant members “claim” submissive members

             – canines don’t experience jealousy as an emotion

       2.  Identify “Claiming Behavior”

             – sitting on feet, leaning, sitting on lap

             – backing up against the human in response to a perceived “rival”

             – nudging other dogs away during petting

            3.  Preventing Claiming Behavior Means Peace!

             – practical steps for prevention

             – creates a level playing field

             – removes “possessive protection”

             – creates more peace for dogs and humans alike!