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It’s all about the bob for spring hair

Tyler Mason Salon stylist shows the easiest spring hair styles for women of any age group.

You need to revamp your routine and revamp your products headed into spring. Think sun protection and think color.”

Styles trending for this Spring include bombshell blowouts, long hair, beachy waves, braids, long pony tails, big buns (all hair or half up), short and choppy bobs, long shoulder grazing bobs, and low maintenance.

Hair colors trending for Spring are the Coppery/strawberry reds, caramel/honey blonde, platinum blonde, monotonal brunette with high shine, multidimensional/tortoiseshell color, splash lights, baby lights with low maintenance and added dimension.

Heather represents the 25 to 35 age group

Spring color trend: coppery strawberry red

• Accented with face framing babylights, a highlighting technique that is very natural and gives the wearer a sun kissed, natural look which is also in for Spring.

• Babylights make hair look healthier and more dimensional, and are very low maintenance

Spring style trend: short choppy bob worn in beachy waves/curls

• Short bobs are the most popular style for spring

• Heather’s hair is worn in beachy waves, but the bob can easily be worn sleek and straight as well and done the night before (low maintenance)

• It’s also just long enough that Heather can pull it halfway back in a bun or braid it back, both styles are popular for Spring

Melissa represents the 35 to 45 age group

Spring color trend: tortoiseshell hair color

• New color trend replacing Ombre, mimics the colors found in a tortoiseshell (think tortoiseshell framed glasses)

• It’s different than one dimensional Ombre or Balayage because it pairs the golden highlights with darker, rich caramel tones that add dimension and warmth to the hair.

• The look incorporates shades of honey, amber, golden blonde and dark brown.

• This look is very customizable depending on how much of each color you want to see, and is based on a matter of preference

• It’s a graduation of color that makes it very low maintenance, perfect for someone like Melissa who is a mom and has a career

• You’ll also see that Melissa has some very bright yellow in her hair. This isn’t a typical characteristic of this hair trend, but funky colors, both bright and pastel, are usually popular in Spring, and the yellow works perfectly with this trend. Melissa is a great example of how women of any age, even with careers and families, can pull off and look great wearing current and nontraditional trends.

Spring style trend: long hair worn in a voluminous blowout.

• While bobs are the “it” cut for spring, don’t go cutting off your long locks if you’re going to regret it.

• Long hair will always be beautiful, and is perfect for someone like Melissa who might be juggling a family, career or both, because the trend for Spring is low maintenance and she can wear it in big voluminous curls that don’t take long to style, or wake up and go with beachy waves.

• Long hair is also perfect for a busy woman on the go because she can easily throw her hair up in to one of the other styles trending for Spring, like a braid, long ponytail or big bun.

50+ model

Lindsey represents the 50+ look

Spring color trend: golden, honey blonde with all over blonde highlights

• Two types of blonde are in for Spring, platinum almost white blonde and a warmer golden blonde worn by our 50+ model

• She also has all over highlights that are still warm but are a little brighter than her all over color to add dimension

• Our model is also naturally grey, so the all over highlights help blend her grey new growth seamlessly, making this color low maintenance

• In the warm weather months when our hair is exposed to the sun more often, hair color will fade faster, especially in grey hair that is coarser and harder to manage

• All over highlights create a solution to color fading that allows you to go longer between color appointments.

Spring style trend:

• Our 50+ model also has a bob that she wears a little longer than Heather’s, and you can see that both lengths are gorgeous

• It’s easy to maintain and style, and is long enough to be pulled back in a pinch into one of the other spring style trends (braid, bun, etc.)

Makeup trends

As natural as possible is always what’s trending for spring in terms of makeup, so you’ll notice that none of our models look like they’re wearing a ton of makeup.

You want to stay away from dark, matte colors and go for shiny, light colors that will brighten your look.

Think of a natural, nude face as your foundational look, because there are still some spring makeup trends that are new for this season.

• Marsala is the Pantone color of the year, which is a gorgeous reddish brown that’s inspiring spring trends like brown eyeshadow and liners, and red berry toned stained lips.

Heather is still young enough that she doesn’t need a ton of coverage when it comes to her foundation, so her look is the most natural.

She’s wearing just a sheer layer of a tinted primer that contains SPF, a darker neutral eye and a shiny lip, staying away from any bold colors.

Melissa is wearing a little more coverage for her foundation, but the key to spring and summer is to find something that feels light, or you’ll feel uncomfortable in the heat. She’s wearing a mineral foundation which was originally a powder that was formulated in to a liquid, so it feels like she’s wearing nothing at all.

Her eye is also neutral, but a little less dark, and she’s wearing a pop of color on her lips.

Mature skin tends to get dehydrated really fast, and also needs the most coverage.

She’s wearing the same mineral powder to liquid foundation as Melissa, with an additional layer of Baked Hydrating Powder that will protect her skin and hydrate it all day.

She’s wearing a light matte neutral eye, but the focal point on her is her brows.

As we age, our eyebrows fade and lose density just like the hair on our head, so it’s extra important to start filling them in with a brow definer, or even just a dark eyeshadow. It makes her eyes pop that much more without using a shimmery eye shadow, which isn’t always age appropriate.

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