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Jersey Boys cast member to teach local yoga classes

He’s been a Jersey Boys cast member for nine years, and no doubt, the wear and tear of dancing has taken a toll on his body. Today on Indy Style, John Salvatore (along with The Hot Room owner Hye Jin Kalgaonkar) chats about his role as a guest teacher at The Hot Room and explains how yoga changed his life.

About The Hot Room and John Salvatore:

– The Hot Room is proud to host John Salvatore this weekend for an all levels interactive Bikram yoga class. Saturday 10a Northside studio and Sunday 10a Downtown studio

– What is Bikram Yoga? Bikram yoga is also known as the original hot yoga. It is a therapeutic sequence of 26 postures and two breathing exercises designed for beginners. The yoga room is heated to 105 degrees and 40% humidity to allows the muscles to be warm, more flexible and help with circulation and detoxification.

– John has been a professional Broadway dancer for decades and he just finished a nine year run of Jersey Boys in Las Vegas. As a dancer he tore up his body and he suffered many injuries including a hip replacement (hips are titanium), herniated discs and scoliosis. Doctors have told him that with his injuries, he should be in pain all the time, however, this yoga is the one thing that has truly kept his body and mind healthy. It was also the best way to quiet his busy mind. He became a teacher in 2001 and continues to teach and take yoga everyday. No matter your age, shape or size… anyone can do this yoga.

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