Indy Style

J’s Lobster makes an authentic New England Lobster Roll and Lobster Grilled Cheese

Seafood on top of seafood… and that’s how we like it!

In our kitchen today, J Wolf, owner of J’s Lobster, proudly brings a taste of the East Coast home to Indy with authentic New England Lobster Rolls, which starts with a fresh buttery New England style bun, a strip of mayonnaise, premium knuckle and claw meat flown in from Maine, shredded lettuce, and drizzled with warm melted butter.

Oh, and the Lobster Grilled Cheese? It’s equally as delicious! It’s made with buttered Brioche toast, lobster meat, special house sauce, and melted Raclette cheese.

And did you hear? J’s Lobster will be opening their first brick & mortar shop in the Garage Food Hall in January 2021, which will also include a fish market.

To learn more, visit:
Facebook: @JsLobsterTruck
Instagram: @jslobster
Twitter: @JsLobster