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Kids’ STEM toys for fun AND learning, too!

So many toys are on the market these days, so why not get them something that promotes learning AND fun?

On this morning’s Indy Style, Amber chatted with Parenting Lifestyle Blogger Clark Nesselrodt about the importance of critical thinking and problem solving in toys.

He says even if your child isn’t interested in having a stem career in the future, kids can learn magnetism, early engineering skills and more to help spark their creativity and imagination.

VertiPlay STEM Marble Run by ORIBEL –

  • Blurs line between playing and learning
  • Sticks to wall (but will not ruin wallpaper / paint)
  • Create different paths with ramps — can be simple, complex, short or long!
  • Promotes critical thinking and problem solving

Ages 5+ starts at $59.99

Lite Blox by E-Blox –

  • Easy to build pictures and patterns including flowers, animals and more!
  • Learn about voltage, power and electricity through flashing lights and colors!

Ages 3+, $21.99

Fort Building Kit by Power Your Fun – Available on Amazon or

  • STEM toy to master basic engineering
  • Easy building kit includes 52 rods, multilink spheres and instruction guide

Ages 3+ $29.99

3 in 1 Mega Robot | iPlay iLearn  – 

  • This set contain 65pcs that can be convert into a robot, truck and workbench
  • STEM for young ages

Ages 3+ $49.99

SmartMax Start Plus (23 pcs)

  • Start Plus is a 30 piece STEM-focused magnetic discovery building kit, featuring safe, super-strong, oversized pieces. 
  • Fun for kids of all ages – and safe for little ones ages 1 and up! Older kids enjoy creating increasingly complex structures with added play value
  • The set features colorful bars and large metal balls that lead to incredible creations, and kids will learn magnetism and early engineering skills 

Ages: 3+ $39.99