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Kits & Kaboodle Classic Toys celebrates 13th anniversary

Toys can be colorful and fun for little ones, but they can also promote learning and growth at all ages of development. 

Teneen Dobbs, Owner, Kits & Kaboodle, shows us more: 

1.    Developmental stages for the 1st 6 months of Life
•    Learning to focus
•    Choose toys with a startling contrast for creating a line of vision
•    Early playthings provide a meaningful link between the baby and her environment & contribute to the early learning process
•    Choose toys good for looking, listening, feeling and babies investigate, discover and learn
•    Soft, cuddly toys can assist in maintaining a sense of calm, warmth, and security

2.     Toys Lines perfect for new baby to 6/12 months
•    Corolle – 1st baby
•    Skwish – Manhattan Baby
•    Vulli – Sofie Giraffe Teether
•    Animal Blankets – Steiff
•    Nogginstik & NogginSeek – Indiana connection by Smartnoggin

3.     Developmental stages for 6-12 Months Old
•    Eye-hand coordination is beginning to develop
•    Beginning to sit crawl & teethe
•    Sitters enjoy filling and dumping, pounding and basic stacking
•    Crawlers like things that move.  They chase after them, which also promotes crawling.
•    Some starting to walk most want to talk.
•    Peek-a-boo is good at this age
•    Social and emotional development starts. Sows fear, surprise, anger and happiness
•    Begin to compare and contrast what they touch, taste, smell and begin to sort and classify.  

4.     Toys for 6-12 months 
•    Chewbeads – Jewelry for Mom & baby developed by Mom
•    Indestructibles – a book with beautiful graphics and no words
•    First Stacking Cups – Epoch 
•    Peek n’ Peep Eggs – Epoch
•    Soft Books – Manhattan Toy
•    Green Toys – Made in the USA
•    Dimple – Fat Brain
•    Spin Again – Fat Brain

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