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Last-Minute Fashion and Beauty Finds

In a rush to get a few more last-minute gifts yesterday, Image Consultant Brandie Price knew exactly where to go to get everything left on her list. Here’s more on today’s gift guide from Brandie:

Macy’s is the best location for a great mix of both fashion and beauty. Being in a pinch for time, you have lucked out on getting some of the best deals this year. Visit their Castleton or Greenwood locations for these Last Minute Finds. We are all craving a fresh start this year, and Macy’s sure delivers with their gifting selections.

Here is what I found for all of the last minute gifts I needed. And, I was in and out in no time at all…which is super important for last minute shoppers!

Beauty Kits
Christmas time is the absolute best time dollar wise to get a fresh makeup look going into the New Year! Did you know that beauty kits trend on google during the month of December? There is a reason why——We love them. From lip sets and eye sets to skin care and brush kits. Oh, and I can not forget my absolute favorite…I want to go back and get one for myself…The Estēe Lauder Full Beauty Set! These kits have absolutely everything the ladies on your list want.

Prepackaged and ready to go, there is no need to wrap! Fragrances are a wonderful gift for a loved one that says, I love being near you!

Fashion Glove, Scarf and Hat Sets
This is one of my favorite things to give and receive during the holidays. A new scarf and hat really make last year’s coat feel a little more fashionable and really help put you in the mood for the cold weather that is coming. Macy’s has a ton of colors, textures and embellishments available. You will be sure to find something special that is perfect for the recipient.

I know that socks have been getting a bad wrap as a Christmas Gift for centuries, but let’s be honest with ourselves for a moment. Would you ever turn down a pair of soft, cozy, warm socks on a snow day? I know I wouldn’t! They are great to add to a package as a bow, stuff in stockings, or hold a bottle of wine as a hostess gift.

Have fun out there shopping and stay safe this holiday season!

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