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Last-minute ideas to stir up Valentine’s Day romance with Endangered Species Chocolate

Can you ever have too much chocolate?! Whitney Bembenick, Director of Innovation of Endangered Species Chocolate, shows us some last-minute Valentine’s day gift ideas!

About Endangered Species Chocolate: (info. provided by Whitney Bembenick)

Chocolate Cherry Martini

Chocolate Fondue

Chocolate (and animal!) lover’s gift basket

Endangered Species Chocolate is the number one selling natural chocolate bar brand in the US.

We make premium chocolate that is non-GMO and Fair Trade.

Made in Indianapolis, IN, our chocolate comes with a 10% giveback promise which gave over $1.3 million to our partners over the past 3 years.

Our current partners are Wildlife Conservation Network and Rainforest Trust.

NEW Snack line launching now

Americans snack more than ever before, and these snacks that give back are packed ready for any adventure that comes your way. There’s something for everyone, from extreme dark chocolate to a thin, sweet and salty hazelnut bark. Our individually wrapped treats found in each bag, and thin chocolate bark are a new, cleaned up version of portion control and 100 calorie packs.**Follow our Facebook page and comment what your favorite flavor of chocolate is – one follower will be selected to win the basket displayed ($100 retail value)**

Chocolate Cherry Martini Recipe:

1 oz cherry or vanilla vodka

1 oz irish cream (such as Bailey’s)

1 oz maraschino cherry juice

1 oz half and half

Shake with 1 cup ice, pour into chocolate rimmed glass with chocolate shavings and cherry to garnishChocolate Fondue Recipe:

Heat 1 cup of heavy cream over simmering water

Add 3 bars of Endangered Species Chocolate, Chopped

Stir until melted and smooth

Whisk in 1-2 tsp vanilla, 1-2 tsp almond extract and 1 Tblsp brandy (optional)

Pour into fondue pot and serve with dippers such as strawberries, pound cake, marshmallows and pretzels

To learn more,

Facebook: Endangered Species Chocolate

Twitter: @ESC_Chocolate