Local food truck owner to participate in Spud Nation Throwdown Competition

Indy Style

Now that’s a big ole’ spud! Heather Banter from Circle City Spuds is hoping it’s good enough to win her first place in the upcoming Spud Nation Throwdown Competition, which is part of the Potato Expo 2016 in Las Vegas! Heather was selected with two other food trucks to compete for Top Spud and $5,000. She gives Tracy and Amber a first taste of the Naptown Mac & BBQ spud, which features cheese sauce, pork bbq, mac and cheese, bacon and craic sauce. How can this spud NOT win?!

To learn more about Circle City Spuds and the competition, visit:www.circlecityspuds.com www.facebook.com/circlecityspuds www.twitter.com/circlecityspuds www.potato-expo.com http://www.spudnationthrowdown.com

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