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Local teen has song featured in ‘Mother’s Day’ movie

What were YOU doing at 15? If you’re Zionsville High School freshman Sophia Joelle, you’re beaming with pride after a song you wrote was chosen to be featured in the new “Mother’s Day” movie!

Here’s how her journey began:

Sophia is a singer/songwriter who released her debut EP, “Other Side Of My Soul”, this past October. Prior to that she released 3 singles. Her single, “Hurricane”, was named a finalist in the 2014 International Songwriting Competition. 3 songs off of her EP were named semi-finalists in the 2015 ISC – “Irresistible”, “Other Side Of My Soul”, and “Invisible Me”. “Invisible Me” has been named a finalist. Sophia was introduced to Garry Marshall a few years ago. She was contacted by someone who works with Garry, asking if Sophia had any songs about mothers or relationships that Garry could take a listen to for possible inclusion in his upcoming movie, “Mother’s Day”.

They sent a couple of hard copies of her EP to his office. They held no expectations. Sophia was thrilled when she got the call that Mr. Marshall liked her EP and found a scene in which to incorporate an excerpt of her song “Irresistible”. In Sophia’s words “‘Irresistible’ is about a boy that you know you should not have feelings for, but you do”.

“Irresistible” is performed by Sophia Joelle. It is written by Sophia Joelle and Hunter Smith. It was produced by Thom Daugherty, AGITPROPER.