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“Love Thy Neighborhood Awards” recognize inspiring community game changers

“Love Thy Neighbor… Love Thy Neighborhood!”

On today’s Indy Style, we chat with Megan Bulla, Communications Officer, LISC Indianapolis, about this year’s “Love Thy Neighborhood” Awards and the community game changers who are making a difference. Here’s more:

Each category winner is awarded $2,500 in unrestricted funds to help further their mission. The application deadline is this Friday, March 19 at midnight. Any Central Indiana organization can apply. The LOVE in the Awards title is actually an acronym and stands for the 4 categories of Awards:

Livability – which includes access to art, nature, and recreation;
Opportunity – creating quality jobs and building human capital;
Vitality – Providing affordable and quality housing options and
Education – which encompasses K-12 education, as well as workforce development.

You can watch the 5th Annual Love Thy Neighborhoods Awards right here on WISH-TV this summer. Remember, the application deadline is this Friday, March 19. For more information about the Love Thy Neighborhood Awards and LISC Indianapolis, visit