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Makeup artist shares her FOUR favorite eye creams that you CANNOT buy in a store

Makeup artist shares her FOUR favorite eye creams that you CANNOT buy in a store

Disclaimer: This story from February 12, 2020 has been republished after replaying on March 25, 2020’s show.

With so many options on the market, how do you know you are making the right decision when choosing an eye cream?

As a makeup artist, Brandie Price says she relies heavily on the tools she has in her kit to create the best possible outcome for clients – whether that be a television show, photo shoot, or speaking engagement. Each set of eyes is different, and each person’s goals are different, so a variety of tools are needed to achieve a variety of goals on hand. Here are Brandie’s TOP 4 favorite eye creams:

Arbonne-RE9 Advanced Lifting and Contouring Eye Cream
The RE9 eye cream uses cassava, which initiates the appearance of a nearly instant eye lift. Additional ingredients like Peony to deepen the conditioning and Algae to support the extracellular matrix help to tone and contour your delicate eye area. I use this this eye cream on clients that have a touch of droopiness above the eye area. A few minutes of waiting gives a more smooth canvas for eye shadow application. This eye cream can be used all 360 degrees around the eye.

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Artistry-Supreme LX Eye Cream
The Supreme LX line by Artistry uses 2 of the most expensive ingredients to resynchronize our skin’s 24 hour biorhythms. If you don’t get 8 hours of sleep, you decrease the possibility of proper cellular structure regeneration. The Cardiolipin, 24K gold, and gardenia grand flora stem cell extracts encourage your skin’s natural biorhythms to increase that cellular generation regardless of the time you spend sleeping. This eye cream has an instant reduction in creepiness and droopiness and long term effects similar to that of Blepharoplasty. I use this eye cream with clients that have signs of crepiness or crepiness that runs in their family, and long term clients that want to see lasting benefits without surgery.

Monat-30 Second Miracle
The Monat 30 Second Miracle is just that. Within 30 seconds of application you literally feel and start to see all of the puffiness and discoloration disappear. This effect is no trick pony, the results last up to 12 hours. I use this for on the spot reductions of puffiness for on camera clients, photo shoots, and speaking engagements. This is a great addition to your daily eye cream and skin care regimen. It does not lead to a lasting result, think of it more as a booster. It’s versatile in that it can also be used in creases along the forehead, laugh lines, and any other location you have developed a “fine line.”

Rodan & Fields-Redefine Multifunction Eye Cream
The R&F Redefine Eye Cream uses Glycerine to penetrate the skin’s surface and restore a healthy and hydrated moisture table in the delicate skin around the eye. A proprietary blend of peptides help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles over time. Hydration helps your skin cells look more plump like grapes and less shriveled like a raisin. I use this eye cream to instantly boost hydration. Many of my clients suffer from dehydration while traveling and are coming right into a photo shoot or television segment with tired, dry eyes and this is a wonderful solution.

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Brandie Price is an Award-Winning Makeup Artist and Celebrity Personal Brand Expert.
You can find her at or on Social: Instagram @brandiepriceimage or Brandie Price on Facebook.