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Makeup artist shares how to create iconic "Armani Glow"

Looking for the best way to achieve that summer glow? Antonio Costa, Premiere Face Designer, Giorgio Armani, shares a few tips and products that are sure to do the trick!

• The Armani signature complexion is instantly recognizable - glowing from within, radiant, flawless, translucent, as if it were bathed in light. The essential steps magnify the skin's aura without concealing it.

• Step 1: Prima Glow-On Moisturizing Balm

o Skin is deeply moisturized and plumped with heightened radiance.

• Step 2: Maestro UV SPF 50 Primer

o creates a protected and smooth canvas of skin before applying foundation.

• Step 3: Luminous Silk Foundation

o perfects the skin and provides the ideal natural luminous finish.

• Step 4: Fluid Sheer

o Allows you to highlight, sculpt and illuminate

o Blend into foundation, over or under to get the exact glow desired.

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