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Many occasions call for sending lasagna to a friend

Many occasions call for sending lasagna to a friend

It started out as a simple gesture. A simple act of kindness.

Stephanie Eppich Daily, Send a Friend Lasagna, had a friend whose wife passed away. She remembered feeling helpless, not knowing what to do or how she could possibly comfort her friend.

Instead of staying helpless, she leaned in to what she loved and brought him a lasagna. Stephanie says she likes to think of lasagna as a hug you give to someone even when you are not in their presence. When someone takes a lasagna she made out of their freezer or refrigerator and puts in their oven to feed their family, she hopes they are thinking of that hug that was made especially for them.

So on today’s Indy Style, we meet Stephanie, the newest Indiana Original! 

Here are some reasons you may want to Send A Friend Lasagna:
1.    New baby—Help out the family by providing a meal (or several meals)
2.    Wedding—(Stephanie made her own lasagna for her wedding celebration)
3.    Surgery—Someone you know had surgery and their caretaker could use a night off from preparing a meal
4.    Loss—Send a hug when you feel someone needs it most
5.    Treat yourself—For those nights YOU just don’t feel like cooking
6.    It’s Lasagna—Do you really need a reason? It’s good anytime!
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About Send A Friend Lasagna (as told by Stephanie) 

I’ve been in the restaurant business for years, you just didn’t know it. 

My first unofficial job description would read something like this:

Front of house manager, expediter, food critic, busser, taste tester, napkin folder, server, and …. bartender. I was 8 years old when my grandparents opened a restaurant called Dunham’s Prime Time in the late 70’s early 80’s and I walked around like I owned the place. 

These days I cook because I love to cook. I anticipate the look on a person’s face when they’ve tasted something I’ve made and I can tell they think it’s delicious. That feeling is so pure to me, it’s exhilarating.

I created Send A Friend Lasagna after I made a lasagna for a friend whose wife had passed away. I remember feeling helpless, not knowing what to do or how I could possibly comfort my friend. So I leaned into what I love and brought lasagna to him. I like to think of lasagna as a hug you give to someone even when you’re not in their presence. If someone takes a lasagna that I made out of their refrigerator or freezer and puts it in their oven to eat, I hope when they sit down at their table they think of a hug I made especially for them. 

Facebook: @sendafriendlasagna

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