Indy Style

McFarling, Kopper Kettle partner to bring comfort food for holiday season

It’s a partnership… but really, more of a relationship.

In our kitchen this morning, we learn about the dynamic duo– McFarling and Kopper Kettle — with Leigh Langkabel, Kopper Kettle, and Aldy Labrador, McFarling Foods. Oh, and did we mention what’s on the menu? Country Style Green Beans, Gravy, Fried Chicken and more!

Country Style Green Beans:

Jowl Bacon diced 2 cups

Brown sugar 1/2 cup

Onion 1/2 sliced

Water in pan to top of beans

Let simmer on low for 6 hours (water may need to be added from evaporation

Hoosier Style Cast Iron Skillet Gravy

Crackling (fried crumbs from breading of chicken) 1 cup

Butter 1 square

Black Pepper 3/4 tbs

Salt 1 tbs.

Flour 3 cps

Milk 6 cups

(a) Mix/Turn in Iron Skillet until thick and lumpy

Milk 1/4 gallon

water 1/4 gallon

Chicken base 1/2 cup

(b) Heat

Add (a & b) together – mix lightly

As it thickens (20 min.) Flour or milk may need to be added for desire thickness

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