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Men’s summer fashion: 2020 style do’s & don’ts

Whether you’re a man who’s a little lost on what to wear this summer or if you have a man in your life you’d like to help on the style front, Brandie Price, image consultant, is here to help with a list of dos and don’ts for this year’s men’s summer fashion.

Do allow your mind to drift back to the styles of 1996 for a moment.  Remember the styles you loved most about the 90’s because they are back! Rugby shirts are just the tip of the iceberg. We will also get to see some pretty amazing Bowling Shirts as well this summer!

Do not rely solely on Crocs or Flip Flops for your summer shoe of choice.  Boat shoes like Sperry’s are going to be heavy hitters again this summer for gentlemen.

Do find a light weight pair of cargo pants. The sooner the better!  These are great for cooler mornings working from the backyard and long summer evenings playing with the kids!

Do not be afraid of vests!  The updated, or really restyled vests of the 90’s are in full force, and available everywhere! Think sweater vest/tank top hybrid.

Last but not least— do wear sunscreen.  Sunscreen is available in many forms.  I recommend using a 50 SPF with a dual duty for your face. If you are going to the trouble to place product on your face, it might as well be doing two jobs.  My favorite has a brightening ingredient in it that softens any discoloration you may have accumulated over the years.  If you are going to be partaking in water sports or getting particularly sweaty try a nice spray on sunscreen that can keep you covered, and be cognizant to reapply.

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