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MESH on Mass Avenue from the Cunningham Restaurant Group offers Lent menu

MESH on Mass Avenue Executive Chef Layton Roberts highlights the new Lent menu that includes, seared mahi, mango chili emulsion, quick pickled carrot and radish slaw, Napa cabbage, oyster mushroom and Marcona almond

Something to pair with  your fish: Take a full head of Napa Cabbage and put it into boiling salted water to get a quick blanch on it (about 40 seconds) then chill it.  Take the cooled cabbage and throw it into a hot pan to put a sear on it.  Saute some oyster mushrooms then finish roasting them in the oven.  Saute garlic and ginger, once roasted off add green onions and some sesame oil then put the roasted mushrooms and cabbage back in.

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