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Mom shares ways to get kids to eat more produce

During summer break, many kids are home while their parents are working and have to fend for themselves when it comes to meal time. To keep them from grazing all day or worse- not eating at all- arm them with a few easy and healthy recipes to keep them full and happy.

As a busy mom, Basilmomma (Heather Tallman) relies on any help she can get when it comes to feeding her kids. She tries to keep healthy snacks out where everyone can see them, prepare heat/scoop and eat foods ahead of time at the beginning of the week and try to be a smart shopper. But Basilmomma can’t be here all of the time and hopes that her kids make good eating choices when she is gone!

Here are a few of their favorites that Basilmomma knows that they can safely make themselves. She uses Produce for Kids as a resource, and during the summer months, they never let her down when it comes time to plan tasty and healthy meals!

You can find hundreds of their recipes online, as well as in the produce area of your local Meijer. Just look for the recipe card display.Make-ahead breakfast burritos: zucchini muffins: chicken wraps:

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