Monday Mailbag: Gifts for Everyone

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Need a creative gift for Christmas? Something different is in store! Check out today’s fun products:ZizzyBee Washable Storage Bags,

With the holidays right around the corner, ZizzyBee’s eco-friendly mesh bags make a great gift for all the busy parents you know. They’re reusable and washable and come in fun colors and sizes to help carry all the kids’ essentials: snacks, school supplies, soccer clothes and everything else.

While ZizzyBee Bags make thoughtful gifts for moms and dads, giving parents Sherpa like carrying power right here at home, you can also fill ZizzyBee Bags with presents, making them perfect gift bags as well!About ZizzyBee:

Like most parents, Lisa Paul loves her kids, but she can do away with the clutter that comes with them. She wanted a practical, child safe, well-designed, earth-friendly solution and she found it.  She invented the ZizzyBee collection of washable, reusable, see-through mesh storage bags.

For more information on ZizzyBee, visit:,

Not sure what to get for your favorite techie? They will be thrilled to find a PodPocket in their stocking this year! It is precision molded from high-grade silicone to provide a secure fit to the AirPods charging case. Also with open access along the bottom, your AirPods stay in the PodPocket even while charging!Rex Specs Dog Goggles,

Rex Specs Dog Goggles protect against eye damage that can occur from being exposed to the elements. Sun, wind, sticks, sand and grasses can all spell trouble for unprotected eyes, but Rex Specs have your pup’s peepers covered. They’re impact- resistant and provide protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays. Rex Specs are great for the active family pet, preventing punctures, sunburn and irritation. Working dogs in the U.S. military, police K9 units and bird hunting dogs also wear them to protect from possible injury.  Veterinarians love them because they can help prevent common eye ailments related to sun exposure and other possible eye conditions.  If your pet already suffers from an eye condition or injury, Rex Specs can help keep it from getting worse.

If you’re wearing sunglasses or eye protection, your best friend probably should be too! To say nothing of the fact, Rex Specs just look cool.

Clear view: Large spherical lens gives your dog an unobstructed full range of view. Rex Specs come with a clear lens and a second lens of your choice.

Comfy fit: Soft foam edge fits snuggly and comfortably on the face and keeps out dust and debris.

Stays Put: These goggles stay put throughout all activities while still allowing maximum freedom and full jaw motion.

Adjustable: Low profile, fully adjustable strap creates a custom fit on every dog. It also easily integrates with other products and harnesses. Comes in two sizes: large (30-100 pounds) and small (12-30 pounds)

For more on Rex Specs, visit their website, Instagram @rexspecsk9, Facebook page @RexSpecsK9.

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