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Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

Keep your life in the outdoors a bit more comfortable with products like these! Amber and Phil take a peek inside today’s “Monday Mailbag”: 

BugBand Portable Diffuser 

Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

Enjoy good times dining on your outdoor patio and doing projects in your garage being mosquito-free with the BugBand Portable Diffuser.  

The Portable Diffuser can go anywhere with you and it’s quiet fan distributes pleasant smelling insect repelling Geraniol vapors protecting up to 300 square feet. 

BugBand recommends use of the diffuser indoors inside the home or in an office, outdoors at picnics, in your tents, on your porch, patios, campsites and RV! 

Each Repellent Cartridge lasts 120+ hours of operating use. The diffuser is safe to operate around food, children and pets. Learn more at

Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

With SAFEGO, no more having to keep a constant eye on your belongings while at the beach or asking someone to stay behind while the others play in the pool. This portable safe keeps your jewelry, cash, credit cards, cell phone, camera, passport and other valuables secure so all you have to worry about it is having fun! Here are more reasons why SAFEGO is the ultimate vacation vault:
Designed for durability: SAFEGO is made of heavy duty ABS plastic that is nearly unbreakable
•    Water, sand, salt resistant: feel relieved knowing that external weather forces pose no threat
•    Patented lock functionality: patented lock mechanism is made of nickel-plated zinc alloy, making it rust and water-resistant
•    Super lightweight: weighing only 1 1/2 pounds, SAFEGO is easy to carry and transport anywhere
•    Custom combination and key access: open SAFEGO using your own 3-digit combination or with a key. Each SAFEGO comes with 2 keys
•    Convenient earphone and charger accessibility: listen to your music or charge your phone while your valuables are still securely locked inside
  SAFEGO can be purchased online at or on Amazon Prime. 

A Pretty Towel

Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

Get your tan on something pretty! Designed in Hawaii, HoaKai turkish towels are eco-friendly and perfect for laying out with family or friends at the beach. These classic turkish towels are light weight, can easily dust off sand or grass and can dry in a matter of minutes!

UnbelievaBrella Reverse Umbrella

Monday Mailbag: Products to help tame the outdoors

Utilizing a unique reverse open and close system, the water stays away from you by funneling into the umbrella when it’s closed. With a rubber-coated C-shaped handle for hands-free use and steel and fiberglass construction, you’ll agree: It’s UnbelievaBrella™!