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Monday Mailbag: products to make life more comfortable

Monday Mailbag: products to make life more comfortable

Who doesn’t want to make life simpler? Tracy & Annessa highlight a variety of products sent to us to assist in various aspects of your life:  

Phone Shade, 
Most people tend to pack their smartphones as a way to read a book, watch a movie or social media stalk while they are relaxing, but sometimes the sun is just too bright and causes a glare on the screen. Stop the contortionist act or remove the towel you have over your head and phone and replace it with myFlipShade. The slim iPhone attachment adheres to the back of your phone and easily flips around to provide a pop-up shade that blocks glare and other weather conditions, so you can effortlessly see your phone’s screen. The shield also prevents other people from viewing your screen and it neatly folds behind the phone when not in use. 

Cooling Scarf,
Hot flashes can keep you awake at night and distract you all day long. To say they’re uncomfortable is an understatement! Now there’s a way to find relief without pills, without fans, without splashing on cold water – and no one has to know you’re using it. With Sweatopause, you are wearing a fashionable scarf and cooling down your skin at the same time!

Thanks to its patented coolcore technology, the more you sweat, the more Sweatpause cools you off. When the fabric is wet with sweat or water, its cooling magic can begin. This super comfortable, stretchy fabric cools 30% below your skin temperature – like a delightful blast of air conditioning right when you need it most.

Sweatopause neck scarves come in 10 stylish prints and 2 solid colors, so they are the perfect functional accessory to complement any outfit. 

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Posture Stand, 
Kids spend a lot of time in front of computers and other electronics while at school and at home. Prevent aches and pains that come with being sedentary and looking down at a screen (known as ‘tech neck’) with the Posture Stand by Back Pain Help. The Posture Stand is an adjustable and versatile stand that will bring the screen closer to their natural eye level. With 360-degree rotating legs, it can be customized whether standing or sitting. The Posture Stand can be used with laptops up to 17″, tablets, e-readers, books and more. Available in black, white or red. Retail price: $74.99 at and sold on Amazon.

Portable Washing Bag,
No matter where you are headed this summer, whether it be a trip to the lake, camping for the weekend or a new travel destination, you’ll want to pack light for easy travel. Thanks to an inventive new way to wash your clothes, you can just pack the essentials because you can have clean clothes wherever you go!

Laundreez is a self-contained laundry system – no washer, no dryer needed! Just throw your clothes in the bag, add a few drops of detergents, let it sit, shake and drain. You rinse in the same bag, drain, squeeze and hang to dry.

When you aren’t using Laundreez to wash your laundry, the durable, waterproof bag makes an ideal place to carry a wet bathing suit or fill Laundreez with ice and use as a handy cooler. Laundreez also makes a great place to store your phone and wallet when you’re kayaking or at the pool.

More Reasons to Love Laundreez:
•Wash and Go – Made with a strong, resilient PVC outer material and soft, yet durable inner mesh, Laundreez is the perfect laundry solution for traveling, when your washer breaks at home or when you don’t want to wash a big load
•Great for Really Dirty and Delicate Items – With Laundreez, the soak cycle is as long as you want, so really dirty things can get a good pre-soak. You also control the amount of shaking, so it’s perfect for the most delicate of garments
•Saves Money – Eliminates extra baggage fees or pricey hotel laundry services
•Environmentally Conscious – Uses less water than traditional washers
•Not Just for Laundry – Doubles as a cooler, waterproof storage for your phone and keys poolside, or bag for your wet bathing suit 

Food Storage Containers,
Make sure your kids’ lunches make it to lunch time thanks to Wellslock’s high-quality, eco-friendly and innovative storage containers. Wellslock created the world’s first single-latch storage container with a patented design that allows airtight sealing. It is also leak-proof, prevents moisture retention, minimizes food spoilage, earth-friendly, BPA-free and available in nine sizes. Wellslock storage containers are unbreakable, microwave safe, dishwasher safe and freezer safe! Starting at $13.99.