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Motivation Monday: 4 Leadership principles from the Final Four

Tim Shurr has been following the Final Four and selected 4 principles that we can apply to our daily lives and goals.

I’ve been listening to the coaches in the press conferences to see what they were talking about…I always want to appreciate and listen to the leaders of the teams. I was very impressed.” Tim Shurr

4 Leadership Principles From The Final 4!

1) Play Your Game! It’s easy to get caught up in what those around you are doing and trying to play someone else’s game is usually not a good idea. Never lose sight of the big picture and develop massive focus when it comes to working your gameplay! (Reference: Gonzaga’s team played fast. Duke slowed the pace and won the game.)

2) Attract Top Talent! This is done by creating great cultures where people thrive and feel supported. Keeping A players is a must, yet you must also recruit rising stars for future growth.

(Reference: Kentucky Coach John Calipari consistently attracts top players.)

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3) Be Brilliant In The Basics. Some things never change. You must have a solid foundation when it comes to the systems and staff you employee. Your people and relationship-building skills must be top notch and your products/service always need to be serving your clients at the highest level.

(Reference: Wisconsin Coach Bo Ryan has written three books on the fundamentals of the game.)

4) Be A Star When It Really Matters! Every business faces pivotal make-or-break moments in a given year. You need to bring your “A Game” at times when it really counts. This might be a key conference, meeting with a top client, or during “March Madness!” Overachieve when it matters most. (Reference: Michigan State Coach Tom Izzo is known as “Mr. March” because he inspires his teams to elevate their game during postseason tournaments.)

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(Special thanks to Steve Cody for his keen insights!)

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