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Motivation Monday: 4 Tips For Getting A Good Job Fast!

5 Tips For Landing a Good Job Fast!

1. Join Bpe – the area’s largest independent, non-profit, networking and educational organization dedicated to supporting individuals in career transition. We talk about all of the items below and more!

2. Develop your marketing plan – Know yourself – ‘what is your target …what do you want to do this time around … companies, industries? what you bring, what you add value. Develop a marketing plan – including LinkedIn presence, network – make connections and use them for informational interviews; get professional looking business cards, update your resume 3 dimensionals -resume, referral (known entity), right transferrable skill set

3. Ask others you know for connections ….they won’t have a job for you but they are connectors – who do they know you could connect with – friends at company ____, topics, etc don’t stay private – let everyone you know you are looking.

4. Update your technology – Become tech-savvy social media – LinkedIn, Twitter, smart phones, tablets, laptops, current software, video interviews, Skype, FaceTime,etc. and check YouTube for ‘How-To videos, professional email address – ‘’ or ‘jerry and jane@earthlink’ are emails not appropriate for a job search.

5. Create a good first impression – dress, hair, nails, shoes, positive attitude and a smile on your face. Clothing doesn’t have to be brand new, but it needs to be of the current style and trends. Be remembered for the correct things Just because the red leather high top tennis shoes cost $225 doesn’t mean they are appropriate to wear on an interview.

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