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Movie options this weekend with The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd

In the mood for a movie? Well, grab the popcorn and get cozy. The Film Yap’s Christopher Lloyd shares what’s new!

New in Theaters:
Let Him Go — Kevin Costner and Diane Lane play tough grandparents who set out to rescue their grandson from nefarious forces in this Western crime thriller.
True to the Game 2 — In this sequel to the crime drama starring Vivaca A. Fox and Andra Fuller, events pick up a year after a notorious murder.
New On Digital/Demand:
Most Guys Are Losers — In this romantic dramedy, a college boy goes to Chicago to meet her girlfriend’s parents, including a dad who wrote a best-selling book about losers like him.
Triggered — In this horror/thriller, a group of nine friends from high school goes camping in the woods and wake up to find themselves strapped to suicide bombs.
Cool on Streaming:
The Dark and the Wicked — As a family gathers at a lonely farm to say goodbye to a dying man, dark forces gather causing waking nightmares. Now available on Amazon Prime.
New on Disc:
Antebellum — Janelle Monae plays a successful author trapped in a mind-twisting mystery linked to the evil taint of slavery. Now on DVD/Blu-ray.

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